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Playing Tight and Loose in Texas Hold 'Em

If you are just getting into the poker scene, you may hear more experienced players talking about "tight" and "loose" games in no limit Texas Hold 'Em. Generally, these terms refer to particular playing styles; specifically, they refer to the number of hands a player will put down during a game.

Playing "Loose"

When a person plays a "loose" game of Texas Hold 'Em, this means that they will play many hands during the game. Sp,e experienced poker players favor loose games, since their opponents bet more frequently and thus put more potential winnings into the pot. Others don't like loose tables because at times such playing styles appear to throw strategy to the wind.

Playing "Tight"

"Tight is right" is common saying in poker circles. Though fewer bets are being placed than in loose games, some players favor this style since it requires more caution, patience, and skilled calculation. In lieu of playing a wide variety of hands, players will wait for the best cards in order to truly win big. Winning can take longer, but playing tight can pay off--and can keep your opponents guessing.

It is also possible to play either aggressively or passively in both the "loose" and "tight" styles. In other words, players can use a tight playing strategy, but still be fairly aggressive with their bets. On the flip side, they can use a loose playing strategy, but bet infrequently and instead focus on checking and calling.