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Leveraging the Continuation Bet in No Limit Hold'em

Hold'em is a strategy game more than anything else, and that being the case, it's important to know when to keep betting and how to do it. One of the most crucial skills in No Limit Hold'em is the art of continuation betting. Here are the basics.

The Setup

A continuation bet, by definition, means you are continuing to bet on a hand you've already put money down on. This means your preflop hand was decent, and you raised before seeing the flop. Doing so is enough to give your opponents the impression of a strong hand (which, at this point, it should be).

Hitting a Flop

This is great, because it means the cards that were dealt are cards that fit your hand, so play them up. Bet strong - between one-half and one-third of the pot - and prove that your hand is everything you say it is. Giving the impression of strength may even win you the hand right there.

Missing a Flop

This isn't so good, but with a credible preflop raise, you may be able to simply buy the pot by making your opponents think you've got a winning hand. Bet as though you've got exactly what you were looking for - again, one-half to one-third of the pot - and act confident.

When to Quit

If you've bet strongly on the flop even though you missed it, consider folding if you still don't see what you want on the turn. It's unwise to wait for the river unless you really stand a good chance of completing your draw.

Hold'em isn't a game you can master in a day, but by following some these rules for continuation bets, you're on your way to becoming a better player already.