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Know when to Fold 'Em in Multi Table Tournaments

In the later stages of multi table tournaments in poker, players should adjust their approach to the game. Specifically, hands that they may have bet aggressively on earlier in the game, are not always the best hands to pursue in the later stages.

A Change in Strategy

When the tournament is full with hundreds of players, the main tactic most players take is to edge out the competition. They bet aggressively whenever they have high cards in the hopes that the weaker players will drop out, and the game can get more competitive. Players will regularly bet big on Ace high pocket cards or low pairs. This is a smart strategy early on, but when there are fewer players in the mix, betting like this can cost a player. The chip stacks are higher than ever, and richer players are less easily intimidated.

Folding Even on Good Hands

When this is the case, folding may be a player's best move. If a player raises on a weak hand, they have little chance that the other players will fold. Even if the pocket cards show a fairly promising start, the chances are the other players are willing to pay to play through the flop in the hopes of improving their own hands. This is costly, but most players will take the risk. Smarter players should fold preflop unless they have a very strong hand.

Folding preflop in multi table tournaments will allow players to preserve their chip stack. Only when a pocket pair is made up of cards 6 or higher does the cost to stay in become truly worth it.