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Craps Etiquette Guide

New craps players often find themselves a bit confused the first time they join in at a live table, especially if they're new to casinos in general. There are several silent expectations in the gambling community. Experienced casino goers usually understand these basic rules, but newbies are often unaware. The last thing a new craps player wants is to be an annoyance to other players. Review the tips below to be sure your casino visit is a profitable success.

General Craps Guidelines

At the craps table, most of the rules concern the player holding the dice, or the shooter. The dice must be handled with one hand at all times. It is also important to make the toss as soon as the dice are picked up. Holding the dice for too long is just as bad as switching hands. Other players should follow a few basic etiquette guidelines as well. Take care of change needs while the dealer isn't occupied with other things and be sure all bets are placed before the shooter picks up the dice.

Superstitions and Offensive Behavior

There are just as many unspoken rules at the craps table, especially regarding some common superstitions that have evolved through the years. One of the biggest is saying the word 'seven'. A total of 7 will translate to a loss for most of the table, so no one wants to hear it. First-time shooters also bring bad luck to the table so if it's your first time, it's best to keep this information to yourself. The don't pass bet can cause some tension between the player and the shooter since it is essentially a bet against the shooter winning. The don't pass bet is not very favorable anyway, so it may be best to bet the pass line instead.

Playing craps online is much the same as playing in a live casino, but only in the rules for gameplay. Playing in a live casino requires certain behaviors that aren't so important when you're playing from home. The tips above will help you have a great experience, even if it's your first time playing at the craps table.